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The 183 North Mobility Project

An Expansion Impacting The Austin Community Running approximately 9 miles along the US-183, The 183 North Mobility Project sets to expand mobility capacity and reduce traffic congestion along the US 183, between SH 45 North and MoPac.The expansion is a collaboration between The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, and the Texas Department of Transportation. The […]

The I-45 North Houston Highway Improvement Project

Characterized as “transformative”, the North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) is set to delineate new infrastructure for the City of Houston. The NHHIP includes the combined participation of TxDOT, City of Houston, Harris County Flood Control District, METRO, the Houston Housing Authority, management districts, civic associations, and neighborhoods.The project displaces churches, schools, commercial billboards, medical […]

Commissioners Award but Courts Rule: Texas Eminent Domain Law Part 4

The government wants your property. It made you a bona fide offer. You think their offer is too low. You get your day in court. Petitioning the Court When eminent domain authorities and property owners cannot agree on taking the price, the government must take court action. It will start by petitioning the proper court […]

A Final Offer is Not the Final Value: Texas Eminent Domain Law Part 3

Texas authorities with eminent domain power must follow a process before taking your property. That process requires a bona fide offer (a legal term meaning good faith). (See my post on offer procedure and requirements.) An entity must make a bona fide offer before taking court action to enforce a sales price. An offer is […]

Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights: Texas Eminent Domain Law Part 2

The Landowner’s Bill of Rights You’ve heard of THE Bill of Rights, which from the U.S. Constitution contains the Fifth Amendment’s “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”  Texas has Article I Section 17 of its Texas Constitution. Texas also has Government Code Section 402—the Landowner’s Bill of Rights. When […]